The Taptivate Platform

The Taptivate platform provides an “all-in-one” place to create digital Unboxing Campaigns.

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The Dashboard

Manage campaigns, experience templates, Landing Pages, URLs, NFC tags and QR Codes from the Taptivate dashboard.

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NFC Tags
and QR Codes

Design a custom NFC tag or dynamic QR code with our design tools or upload your own design.

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Landing Page Experience Builder

Design a mobile experience with your campaign message, video or Augmented Reality. You can use our design tools or code your own, add a unique URL and Google Analytics.

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Campaign Analytics

Track real time campaign analytics to measure and follow your customer engagement.

Technology that Communicates

Customized NFC Tags or Dynamic QR Codes
Whatever fits your budget

Taptivate Customized NFC Tags, NFC brand management, NFC campaign platform, NFC experiential marketing, NFC marketing campaign

The Power of NFC

As smartphones become an increasingly integral part of our everyday activities, marketers have a unique opportunity to build further integrated customer experiences that span the virtual and physical worlds. NFC provides the missing link, enabling innovative programs that help drive brand affinity and sales. Learn more about how savvy brands and business are using NFC enabled programs to connect with today’s consumer.

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Dynamic QR Codes

Create dynamic QR Codes with our Generator and receive the most advanced design, management and tracking analytics. Personalize your QR code with custom colors, patterns, images or your brand logo.

Simply add connectivity, content and actions to print, digital experiences, broadcast media, labels and packaging.

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