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Taptivate communicates your brand’s digital experience at the Unboxing Moment.

Our platform gives you the tools to create, activate and track digital unboxing campaigns.

Digital expressions of your brand are the “new normal” and communicating with customers at the unboxing moment is the next frontier of enhanced e-commerce marketing.

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NFC Tags on Packaging - Customized NFC tags for unboxing experience
Create Touchless Unboxing
The Taptivate Platform
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Deliver Mobilized
Digital Experiences
How it Works
Laptop, The Taptivate NFC Campaign Platform, Personalized Dashboard
Track and Analyze
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Mobilize your Campaigns

Customized, Mobilized & Interactive Landing Pages

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Digital Experience
Landing Pages

From a simple “Thank You” to an expression of diversity and inclusion or the new health and safety measures for your company… you can now design and deliver strategic communications along with your package.


The Taptivate Platform

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Laptop, The Taptivate NFC Campaign Platform, Personalized Dashboard

Personalized Dashboard

Taptivate NFC Tag Designer, Laptop, customized NFC tags, hang tags, smart tags

NFC Tag Designer

Laptop Taptivate Mobile Unboxing Experience Designer, touchless unboxing campaigns, iphone, android, NFC marketing campaign

Landing page Experience Builder

Laptop Real-time Campaign Performance Analytics for NFC experiential marketing, track campaigns with real time analytics for NFC brand management

Real-time Campaign Analytics

that Communicates

Customized NFC Tags or
Dynamic QR Codes

Whatever fits your budget

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Taptivate Customized NFC Tags, Dynamic QR Codes, QR code marketing, create smart campaigns with dynamic qr codes, personalized visual QR codes
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