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Custom Unboxing Campaigns, customized NFC Tags, Dynamic QR Codes, Revolutionize the unboxing moment.

Step 1:
Build Custom Unboxing Campaigns

Your monthly, quarterly or seasonal campaigns will connect your customer when they “tap or scan” our customized NFC Tags or Dynamic QR Codes and are linked to your mobilized landing page.  

Your campaigns can include any marketing or promotional message and include video, Augmented Reality (AR) and link to your social media. It's your marketing strategies delivered at the Unboxing Moment.

Step 2:
Create Digital Experiences:Customized, Mobilized
& Interactive
Landing Pages

Design, build and manage fully optimized motion graphics within your landing pages. You can now design and deliver  strategic communications along with your package, shipping box or subscription.

Step 3:
Design and customize
NFC Tags or Dynamic
QR Codes.

Taptivate NFC Tags can be designed with your logo, message or slogan and affixed to the inside or outside of any product or package, connecting you to your customers at the Unboxing Moment.  

Choose from an array of shapes, sizes, and configurations or contact us with your unique shape.

Customize Taptivate NFC Tags, enhanced e-commerce, customized unboxing campaigns
Smart campaigns with dynamic QR Codes, QR code marketing, personalized visual QR codes, brand experience marketing

Create dynamic QR Codes with our Generator and receive the most advanced design, management and tracking analytics. Personalize your QR Code with custom colors, patterns, images or your brand logo. Simply add connectivity, content and actions to print, digital experiences, broadcast media, labels and packaging.

  • Create smart campaigns with dynamic QR Codes
  • Design beautiful and personalized visual QR Codes
  • Animate your QR Codes
  • Edit your target URL anytime
  • Gain insights with real-time analytics
  • GDPR and CCPA compliant

Step 4:
Deliver the Experience

With custom designed NFC Tags or Dynamic QR Codes that can be embedded in a hang tag, placed on any part of your packages or collateral.

Hang Tags, Labels, NFC marketing campaign, customized NFC tags

On Hang Tags or Labels

Smart package tags, touchless unboxing experience campaigns, unboxing moment

Outside your Package

Revolutionize the unboxing moment, customized NFC tags, NFC experiential marketing

Inside your Package

Taptivate smart tag on Envelope, NFC brand management, experiential marketing

On Marketing Collateral

Step 5:
Track Campaigns with real-time Analytics

Track campaign performance with our built-in analytics tools and reporting or connect your Google Analytics account.

Real-time Analytics Dashboard, NFC campaign platform, NFC marketing campaign, Taptivate platform
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