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Less packaging, more smiles

Sustainable packaging is a top priority at Amazon. We’re using less packaging material, and we’re working to shrink the packaging to fit what you order more often. Our team of engineers calculated how much material we can remove from paper boxes while ensuring each delivery arrives undamaged. When our packaging uses less material, weighs less, and is the right size to protect customer orders, we can pack more orders into each delivery, resulting in fewer trips, less fuel burned— all of which minimize our carbon footprint. We are committed to sustainability because we care about planet earth. We remain steadfast in our focus on meeting The Climate Pledge—our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and become net zero carbon by 2040.

We need your help too. Want to find out how to recycle and dispose of your Amazon packaging? Amazon Second Chance provides information on how to recycle Amazon packaging, and how to trade in, recycle, or repair Amazon and non-Amazon devices and products.

Here are some other fun ways to reuse your Amazon boxes if you’re not ready to drop them in the recycling bin.

  1. Build this box fort
  2. Building a fort out of boxes is a fun way to reuse your boxes before recycling.
  1. Create this cat condo
  2. For cats that love boxes, creating a cat condo is a fun way to reuse boxes before recycling.
  3. SEE HOW
  1. Make this windmill for mini golf
  2. Tee up a new use for your boxes. Create a mini golf course then recycle them when you’re done playing.
  3. MAKE IT

Make this box car

  1. Create a derby winner out of a box and just recycle your box car when you cross the finish line.
  1. Make this rocket
  2. Build your very own box rocket and take off for the stars.
  3. SEE HOW
  1. Make this robot costume
  2. Robot costumes are fun any time of year. Check out these fun plans to reuse your boxes before recycling them.
  3. MAKE IT

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