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Johnson & Johnson's Virtual View

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 20, 2020

Johnson & Johnson is giving consumers in China a new look at its Acuvue colored contacts using an augmented reality lens.

The AR program is running on Chinese messaging app WeChat as well as social shopping app Taobao, where users can try-on additional Johnson & Johnson products for a full, virtual makeover. For example, shoppers can try on different colored contacts and then add eyeshadow, eyeliner, or mascara to get a complete look. The AR demonstration uses facial recognition technology to accurately overlay products on a consumer’s digital image, even shaping the contacts to a user’s eyes. The colored contacts try-on is the first of its kind to be offered on both WeChat and Taobao, and launched in part to help consumers find their perfect pair of contacts while continuing to social distance. Johnson & Johnson’s virtual try-on campaign marks one of the largest AR contact-themed ventures by a brand in China.

Taptivate, NFC campaign platform, unboxing moment, Acuvue, QR, e-commerce, Johnson & Johnson’s AR campaign, China

While the Coronavirus pandemic has caused a shift in connecting with consumers outside of brick and mortar stores, many Chinese shoppers were already frequenting mobile apps for e-commerce purposes prior to the crisis. Taobao currently reigns as China’s most popular social commerce platform, and the bar for functionality on WeChat continually rises as more than 400 million users engage in its mini programs each year, according to a Gartner report. What could help Johnson & Johnson’s AR campaign stand out, however, is the growing interest in contacts and other vision products from international markets. Additionally, consumers are seeking AR try-ons that go beyond cosmetics and hair coloring, which could allow Johnson & Johnson to stand out in the growing AR lenses market.

Chinese consumers can look to Johnson & Johnson for an innovative online shopping experience that combines the growing interest in colored contacts with the health and safety concerns of consumers during the Coronavirus pandemic. If the campaign sees success in the Chinese market, Johnson & Johnson could set its sights on additional global targets showing an interest in AR try-on tools, allowing it to build a digital following for its contact and vision products.

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